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Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.32 gal. (169 oz.)


Product specification - Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.32 gal. (169 oz.)

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Description Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.32 gal. (169 oz.)

Our 5 Liter Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer is in Gel form and its convenient size (1.32 gallons) is a tremendous value! Perfect for refilling your Gel bottles or adding a pump and using it right out of its own bottle!

Use will provide easy disinfection for hands, cell phones, countertops, door handles and more!

This unscented Sanitizer is an antimicrobial Gel that contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol which has been crafted to the FDA Monograph to help reduce the number of germs on your hands and glycerin to help keep your skin hydrated. It dries quickly, leaving a clean freshness behind.

Guaranteed effective disinfection kills 99.99% of harmful germs, including various kinds of viruses.


For use both at home and at work where frequent disinfection and rinse free applications are required. Perfect for places where access to soap and water is limited.


INGREDIENTS: Ethanol (80% v/v), water, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.


*FDA Registered and Approved Manufacturing Facility.


*This Hand Sanitizer meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) healthcare personnel hand-washing requirements.