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Top Up (blue display)

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Product specification - Top Up (blue display)

ManufacturerMagic Play
Product's availabilitypre-order
Dimensions (DxWxH)78" x 30" x 32"
Packing78" x 30" x 32"
Weight220 lbs
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Description Top Up (blue display)

TOP-UP game is a new player in the skill-games market. This riveting game will challenge all player's skills and give them a chance to win superb prizes.
Players check their reflexes and perceptive abilities by releasing  blocks down to build a tower. They can easily win a small prize or... carry on playing for the ultimate top prize!
TOP-UP by default comes with a built in capsule dispenser. Every capsule contains a tiny prize. So whether you win or lose, every player gets a small capsule containing the tiny prize. In this way everyone’s a winner with TOP-UP!
TOP-UP is a well built game with eye catching illuminations, graphics and with the possibilities of custom designs. TOP-UP machine can be placed anywhere!
Unlike most other skill games TOP-UP is one of the few that can be played by all ages. So not only is TOP-UP a fantastic way to earn extra revenue but it can be enjoyed by all!
Wait no further! It’s time to TOP-UP your cash box!

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