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Magic Soccer

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Product specification - Magic Soccer

ManufacturerMagic Play
Product's availabilitypre-order
Dimensions (DxWxH)25" x 52" x 66"
Packing27" x 55" x 68"
Weight264 lbs
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Description Magic Soccer


* it has unique and attractive design
* its football will resist even most powerful kicks
* it has durable and sturdy construction
* Your customers will hear HQ MP3 sound
* it is available in various language versions


Magic Play LLC U.s. offers a limited (2) Two year warranty on its electronic components, and (1) one year warranty on the mechanical components.

All Magic Play games purchased through Magic Play LLC U.s. will be warrantied from the date of purchase.

Magic Play LLC U.s. reserves the right to cancel any warranties on any Magic Play games purchased from a 3rd party or an unauthorized Magic Play games distributor